Chang An Demon Song 4.4

Chang An Demon Song

Chapter 63: 63+64

1,202,694 Sep 27,2020 - 12:38 PM 薛红柿

The story happened at the dawn of the Tang dynasty. Nobody knew the peaceful and prosperous capital Chang An had a really experienced demon fox, Duan Mu Ming De for its biggest brothel's owner. The shounen onmyouji Bai Yu Mu, the best onmyouji among the younger generation of his onmyouji family, masterful at slaying demons and being vengeful, was forced to reside in this demon nest. There, he got acquainted with a seductive fox, a cold and distant wolf, a tsundere gold crow, a Virgo hedgehog and a two-faced the same time, a larger conspiracy is brewing in the dark, in the capital that never sleeps, in which fires are lit every night. Meanwhile within the prosperous Chang An, the Rebellion of Anshi threatens to erupt..
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Yume Maboroshi No Gotoku 4.0

Yume Maboroshi No Gotoku

Chapter 60: The Monkey S Cunning

425,868 Sep 27,2018 - 21:51 PM Motomiya Hiroshi

Yume Maboroshi no Gotoku summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Yume Maboroshi no Gotoku. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Love Deficiency 4.67

Love Deficiency

Chapter 41.5

495,265 Sep 27,2018 - 12:49 PM 24Beee

There is a virus, that affects those who are lonely or stressed. If the infected person doesnt fall in love, they die in 6 months...
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The Concours 4.55

The Concours

Chapter 5

81,369 Sep 24,2018 - 12:18 PM Jeong Seol Hwa

Ho-Kyung likes the violin, but born to a normal family, he has no intention of pursuing it as a career. When he was young, it was the small violin given to him by his friend Uiju that created the small passage connecting him to music. Now as a high school student, one accident destroys the precious violin and leads Ho-Kyung to an encounter with the violin repair workshop… A journey begins with a very simple wish, the desire to have his own violin.
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Perfect Honeymoon 4.87

Perfect Honeymoon

Chapter 27: Epilogue

364,010 Sep 24,2018 - 02:12 AM Hua-Ryu Dongpung, Ye Salam

After getting married, the bride went on a honeymoon alone? Their honeymoon is at stake from the start!
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Tal 4.5


Chapter 242

3,751,443 Sep 23,2019 - 11:01 AM Kang Im

They walk like ordinary people, they talk like ordinary people but in fact there is nothing ordinary about them since they can materialize an image they have on their mind... They call themselves Chachaoong which also means Shaman and they do not know how or when they came to this world. It is now a time for their current king to choose the future one and so he did by choosing Yu Jin an ordinary human...? Many of the Chachaoong can not tolerate a human ruling them and now the poor Yu Jin not knowing what suddenly hit him, is trying to avoid the Chachaoongs who are trying to kill him!
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Penguin Loves Mev 5.0

Penguin Loves Mev

Chapter 341

411,811 Sep 21,2017 - 04:39 AM Penguin

The English male Mev and the Korean female penguin who had met through an online messenger are enjoying their successful marriage in England for three years, after a lovely honeymoon in Korea. The story of these two, who overcome whatever cultural obstacles they may face with love and affection, are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.
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To Be You, Even Just For A Day 4.72

To Be You, Even Just For A Day

Chapter 38

378,547 Sep 20,2020 - 13:00 PM Sam

The count's daughter, Psyche, is loved by all. Psyche, who took everything from me. Psyche, who always gets what she wants. I wanted to be her, even if just for a day.Now officially serialized!
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Whisper 4.5


Chapter 24.5

242,248 Sep 19,2017 - 09:18 AM Yaet Saram

From Batoto: The captivating story of an budding artist, who is willing to come out of his mother's shadow so as to paint whatever he sees... mainly things concerning the supernatural
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The Antagonist's Pet 2.17

The Antagonist's Pet

Chapter 1

863 Sep 17,2020 - 09:34 AM Servo, Harnen

"My dear villainess, do whatever you want to do. Just don't see that son of a bitch."A girl dies and is reincarnated as Sasha, the daughter of a poor noble family in a romance novel she used to read. To survive in her new life, she approaches noble ladies with her innocent appearance and cold wit. Hence, she got the nickname 'The Nobles' Pet.'Rebecca, the villainess of the original work and the Prince's fiancee, appears in front of Sasha, who's using her talent to live the sweet life. Knowing the end of the original, Sasha tried to stay away from Rebecca, but she cannot take her eyes off her cool and collectedness! So Sasha uses her cuteness as a deadly weapon to stand between Rebecca and the womanizer Crown Prince... and... can Sasha survive and win Rebecca's favor?The villainess Rebecca X Healing Pet Sasha's fantasy!Official French Translation: Chinese Translation:
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Jogswae - Du Nammae Iyagi 4.56

Jogswae - Du Nammae Iyagi

Chapter 4

206,393 Sep 16,2018 - 09:16 AM Min Song A

Jun-Hyun and Na-Hyun are a brother-sister duo with an almost obsessive devotion to each other. Is it simply a case of forbidden love between siblings? Or is something more sinister at play?
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Hana Haru 4.67

Hana Haru

Chapter 113: Ep. 113 (Last Episode)

3,002,918 Sep 12,2019 - 12:37 PM Seok Woo

A werewolf love for a human girl.In a cold winter, little girl Hana and her family found a boy covered in blood, the boy is a werewolf baby. They picked up the boy, named him Haru, treated him and accepted him as a family member. A human girl and a werewolf boy who grew up over time. From now on their story begins.
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Abduction School 4.64

Abduction School

Chapter 6

209,300 Sep 12,2018 - 23:06 PM Wolhet

People start getting abducted, and find themselves in an abandoned school building with monsters when they wake up. Out of the 13 people abducted, who will be able to make it out alive? What is the exact reason behind these abductions?
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Again (Kang Full) 3.67

Again (Kang Full)

Chapter 27

172,937 Sep 12,2018 - 22:52 PM Kang Full

Four years after the incidents ofTiminga new mystery arises that presents new dangers to those who are still left alive.
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Trash Of The Count's Family 3.54

Trash Of The Count's Family

Chapter 20

36,492 Sep 10,2020 - 20:56 PM Elegant Yoo Ryeo Han 유려한, Pan4

When I opened my eyes, I was inside a novel.[The Birth of a Hero].[The Birth of a Hero] was a novel focused on the adventures of the main character, Choi Han - a high school boy from Earth who was transported to a different dimension - alongside other numerous, rising heroes of the continent.I became a part of that novel as the trash of the Count’s family, the family that oversaw the territory where the first village that Choi Han visits is located.Choi Han became vengeful after that village was destroyed by a mysterious group of assailants, and grew incensed after he reported the matter to the Count's son and got brushed off. He gets beaten to a pulp.“…This is going to be a problem.”But, I feel like it is worth trying to make this my new life regardless.
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Family Size 5.0

Family Size

Chapter 17

145,122 Sep 10,2018 - 07:51 AM Ji-Eun Nam, Kim In-Ho

It's the daily life in a family...
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