Emperor’S Evil Wife 3.88

Emperor’S Evil Wife

Chapter 38

301,758 Sep 30,2020 - 19:34 PM Hangman, Manyu

As the princess of Xi Liang, she was, however, imprisoned in the cold palace. Faced with the dangerous imperial harem and the extermination of her entire family, she never yielded! As for those who take advantage of her, she responded more strongly, whether they were imperial concubines or not!
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Inu No Naku Mura 4.73

Inu No Naku Mura

Chapter 4: The Fourth Night

5,715 Sep 30,2020 - 12:25 PM Kurokawa Komachi

Isazuki Village is a village with a deep, strong faith in the Inugami folklore. As the opinions of redevelopment of the village are divided among the villagers, they are greeted with the strange deaths of the people from a construction company who had come to investigate the village. Tachibana Tsukiko, who lives in this village, and her three childhood friends are getting ready to participate in the annual festival that seeks to drive away the Inugami spirit. However, they end up getting caught up in a certain incident…?! This dark, young-adult tale of childhood friends begins here…
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Dear Sir... I Married A Killer 4.82

Dear Sir... I Married A Killer

Chapter 11

812,234 Sep 30,2020 - 11:56 AM Donten Kosaka

The profession of a calm and calm wife ... a killer !?
But my life with my wife who can't kill her emotions in front of her husband is exciting in many ways ♪
I want to be loved enough to be killed by my bride. Married killer's love comedy!
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Tsubame Tip Off! 4.11

Tsubame Tip Off!

Vol.2 Chapter 8

167,389 Sep 30,2020 - 06:47 AM Hiroya Watanuki

A new highschool student with a complex about her height - Tsubame.

Being unathletic and clumsy she seeks to join a cultural club, and despite her height she gives off the persona of a small and shy girl. Enter her upperclassman, Ibis, a small girl with a big presence, who suddenly invites her to the basketball club?!
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Pet 3.65


Vol.2 Chapter 13: Key

2,642 Sep 30,2020 - 00:12 AM Miyake Ranjou

The story revolves around people who possess the ability to infiltrate human minds and manipulate memories. Their powers have been used in the underworld for covering up accidents, assassinations, and all manner of crimes. But these powers not only destroy others' spirits, but also corrupt the users' own hearts...
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Night On The Galactic Railroad (Variety Art Works) 4.33

Night On The Galactic Railroad (Variety Art Works)

Chapter 5: Giovanni S Ticket [End]

35,016 Sep 30,2019 - 00:40 AM Variety Art Works, Kenji Miyazawa

Giovanni, along with his best friend Campanella, boards a train traversing the Cosmos and sets off for a mysterious new world. Kenji Miyazawa's timeless literary masterpiece illustrated in manga!
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Spy Room 4.36

Spy Room

Chapter 4: 「Cooperation 2」

9,803 Sep 29,2020 - 22:11 PM Takemachi, Seu Kaname

A world where wars are fought with spies. With a mission success rate of 100%, the remarkable, yet rather difficult to deal with, spy Klaus is being tasked with an almost impossible mission by the agency, harboring an insane 90% chance of failure and death…which for some reason involves eight inexperienced girls?!
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Mizutamari Ni Ukabu Shima 4.46

Mizutamari Ni Ukabu Shima

Vol.2 Chapter 8

58,539 Sep 29,2020 - 12:10 PM Sanbe Kei

We struggle to live because we have hope. We try our best to be happy because there is someone whom we should protect. We believe in tomorrow and walk forward because there is a person in the far off distance. An older brother and younger sister who spend their days waiting for their beloved mother. A checkered fate suddenly visits the older brother, who is thinking of his sister. In the middle of a downpour of rain, the "story" begins.
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Peony Elegy: Winter 3.62

Peony Elegy: Winter

Chapter 2

2,632 Sep 28,2020 - 17:17 PM Intorno

Can I survive in this palace ruled by greed and fear, surrounded by dangerous concubines? Prequel to Peony Elegy: No Desires.
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Circle Trap 4.63

Circle Trap

Chapter 10

160,620 Sep 28,2020 - 15:17 PM Legi

'Noel', who searched and attacked the traitors of the organization, found a man called Kang Jin who referred to himself as nothing but an ordinary homeless person! Even though there were also powerful threats, Kang Jin, the one who ended up fetching Noel's interest, claimed to be unrelated till the end, turning out to be imprisoned in Noel's own officetel... What are the secrets hidden by Kang Jin and Noel's true intentions?
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Fruit Of The Tongue 4.02

Fruit Of The Tongue

Chapter 3

15,919 Sep 28,2020 - 03:39 AM 머니

Noah, a kid that I met 6 years ago in an orphanage.His closed off appearance, made me feel like I was seeing my younger self so i have to admit that I wanted to care for him more...I didn't think that he would follow me this much.Lord, can I lead him to the right path?
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Sidooh 4.41


Vol.21 Chapter 220

3,608,617 Sep 28,2020 - 01:28 AM Takahashi Tsutomu

(from During the political upheavals and social strife at the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan (1855), two parentless brothers Yukimura Shoutarou and Yukimura Gentarou struggles to survive in these turbulent times. With their only possession being their deceased father's sword and clinging onto the wisdom of their mother's final words, the brothers seek to embark on the Path of the Warrior: Sidooh!
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Murder Incarnation 4.88

Murder Incarnation

Chapter 10: Kanou Haruhiko (Part 3)

94,387 Sep 28,2019 - 23:01 PM Sugawara Keita

A loved one died but you can revive if a certain condition is met. The condition is to kill three people within a time limit of 24 hours. if you were the person grieving, is it possible for you to kill people ?
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Red Kimono 4.5

Red Kimono

City Of Dreams (End)

40,419 Sep 28,2019 - 11:23 AM Oji Suzuki

In this collection of hauntingly elliptical short stories, Oji Suzuki explores memory, relationships, and loss with a loose narrative style, filling each tale with a sense of unfulfilled longing. He plumbs the dissolute depths of human psychology, literally bathing his characters in expansive shadows that paradoxically reveal as much as they obscure. A young man catches a cold after being soaked in the rain and is tended to by his grandmother. He drifts, dreaming of a train trip with an older brother he doesn’t have. A traveling salesman comes across a boy lying in the middle of the road and stops to have a cigarette and tell a story that sifts through memories of faces and places before settling back on the boy and pretending to not look at the stars. A young woman walks along the river with her bicycle and a friend who is nothing more than a disembodied head—discussing past times together, memories they have of each other.
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Dice: The Cube That Changes Everything 3.74

Dice: The Cube That Changes Everything

Chapter 348: Kaleidoscope (3)

13,796,866 Sep 27,2020 - 23:38 PM Yun Hyun Suk

Dongtae is rock bottom in everything. Looks, grades, life, everything. But all that might change. If you could change your life by playing a game, would you? English Version by Naver
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Himenospia 4.29


Chapter 35

1,816,241 Sep 27,2020 - 23:17 PM Murata Shinya

Abused like a slave by everyone at school, and battered by the single mother she lives with at home… That was the girl’s, Endou Himeno’s, everyday life. However one day a ‘wasp’ that stung the girl changed her fate. Her fate, and that of humanity… Piercing the ‘species’ known as humanity, a thrilling insect suspense story begins!
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