Let's Aim For The Deepest Part Of The Otherworldly Labyrinth 4.66

Let's Aim For The Deepest Part Of The Otherworldly Labyrinth

Vol.2 Chapter 11: The 20Th Floor Seeks You. Before This Body Melts And Washes Into The Darkness Iii

3,224,655 Sep 29,2020 - 09:03 AM Satou Keisuke, Ukai Saki, Tarisa Warinai

Kanami, a young man that strayed into another world and suddenly awoke in a dark corridor is nearly killed by a demon and humans. Then preferring to use the status and skill systems Kanami aims for the deepest part of the Labyrinth. The skill [? ? ?] consumes his emotions, and he befriends some unusual people, but while his spirit wanes in the other world’s Labyrinth he refuses to give up on returning to his original world.“I'll absolutely save you. Hence I will–!!” Aikawa Kanami awakes in a corridor he has no recollection of, the wound he received from a goblin is cured by a pretty girl called Lastiara, and he learns that he's in a different world that's exceedingly similar to a game. Kanami makes into his weapon the hearty welcomed status and skills, and with a pretty girl Dia plunges forward towards the deepest part of the labyrinth that's rumoured to “grant any wish”–. This is a story of a boy who exposes the deepest part (truth) of the labyrinth and fulfills a wish.
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My Manservant Prince 4.03

My Manservant Prince

Chapter 57

154,708 Sep 29,2020 - 00:41 AM Rose Studio

Ruoxi was a hardworking reporter who lived alone with a dog in a big house. One day, to her surprise, she found a mysterious handsome homeless man laying on the beach. That’s the beginning of how her house had never been empty again.
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Yume Maboroshi No Gotoku 4.0

Yume Maboroshi No Gotoku

Chapter 60: The Monkey S Cunning

425,868 Sep 27,2018 - 21:51 PM Motomiya Hiroshi

Yume Maboroshi no Gotoku summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Yume Maboroshi no Gotoku. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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100-Nin No Eiyuu O Sodateta Saikyou Yogensha Wa, Boukensha Ni Natte Mo Sekaijuu No Deshi Kara Shitawarete Masu 4.55

100-Nin No Eiyuu O Sodateta Saikyou Yogensha Wa, Boukensha Ni Natte Mo Sekaijuu No Deshi Kara Shitawarete Masu

Chapter 18

6,155,662 Sep 25,2020 - 04:35 AM Shiroichi Amaui, Shin Hibiki

Raising a hundred heroes and ending the war with an evil god, Eisen is the prophet that saved the world. Having received a great injury from protecting the heroes, he left for the Other World to recover. In that time, the heroes made use of their abilities to contribute greatly to the development of the world. Longing to meet again with the master they admired, they reported to him of their achievements in detail. Reading their letters, Eisen makes a decision to set out and pay each of them a visit as he travels the country to sightsee.
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Mr. Fu's Favorite 2.16

Mr. Fu's Favorite

Chapter 63: [End]

846,527 Sep 25,2019 - 17:49 PM Qire

Shen Wei Lan died for deeply loving Fu Su Mian in her last life. Now she born again and swore that she would stay far away from him! But why?! She racks her brains to stay far away from him, but he who hates her in the last life becomes strongly possessive! He claims arbitrarily, “You are mine forever! You have no where to go!”
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The Moon Witch And The Sun King: My Salvation 4.76

The Moon Witch And The Sun King: My Salvation

Chapter 15

1,074,113 Sep 23,2020 - 09:55 AM Han Seram, Tom

When Lee Shana accidentally crossed into another world full of fantasy and beauty, sadly she had become a witch in the midst of an execution. Dying at such a wonderful age?! She couldn't let that happen! She had to escape no matter what! But after her escape she offended none other than the crown prince Luther! What else could go wrong?
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Lonely Attack On A Different World 4.52

Lonely Attack On A Different World

Chapter 38: Why Am I Being Left Out?

8,495,469 Sep 21,2020 - 03:09 AM Bibi, Goji Shoji

The strongest doesn’t need any cheats!

Haruka, who spends his high school life a loner, was suddenly summoned to another world one day along with all his classmates.

When ol’ God enters the picture, Haruka believes he can just choose whatever cheat skill he wants to help him survive in the new world...
But, contrary to his expectations, that list of cheat skills works on a first come, first serve basis. And so, his classmates pick out all the cheat skills.

His choices now limited to leftovers, Haruka finds himself incapable of assembling a party due to his own “loner” skill.
Even though it’s a different world, it seems his adventuring days will be, as per usual, a solitary affair…

After becoming aware of a crisis looming over his classmates, Haruka makes a silent vow to save them. No relying on cheats!
He will walk a heretical path of strength that transcends the need for them.

The curtain rises on the strongest loner’s otherworld strategy guide!
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Two Saints Wander Off In The Different World 4.82

Two Saints Wander Off In The Different World

Vol.2 Chapter 9

713,546 Sep 20,2020 - 12:23 PM Roa Fuduki, Kaya

Chiharu and Maki have worked at the same company together for three years. They were both unceremoniously dumped this spring. As they got drunk together one night, they were both summoned to another world. They were given the very simple job of cleansing miasma.
Well, they had no choice now. They will drink and eat, and if possible, search for a boyfriend who wouldn’t cheat on them.
This is the beginning of their aimless journey through another world.
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Living As The Tyrant's Older Sister 4.72

Living As The Tyrant's Older Sister

Chapter 73

7,325,623 Sep 19,2020 - 11:53 AM Aperta, Chyobab

When I opened my eyes, I was inside a fantasy novel world!
The beauty I see in front of the mirror is the future tyrant's older sister, Alicia!
She's not even a protagonist or an antagonist, but a character that doesn't appear much and gets beheaded by the (upcoming) tyrant little brother.

My life is all about escaping that fate from the novel.
In the end, I seduced the male lead's merchant friend who also doesn't appear much and was about to leave the country with him.

The face of the man who spent the night with me was extraordinary.

"I-I'm pretty sure the name I heard yesterday wasn't that name but something else. Uhm, what was it. I-I think it's Sir Lancelot."
"Ah, that's my friend."
"Why, is there a problem?"

Excuse me, you're asking if there's a problem? A lot. There's a lot.

…. Why is the male lead on my bed!
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Nito's Lazy Foreign World Syndrome 4.61

Nito's Lazy Foreign World Syndrome

Chapter 9.2

2,891,094 Sep 15,2020 - 06:45 AM Fujimi Shoubou

Hidako Masamune is a high school student who suffers from continuous bullying by his classmates. Becoming tired of it all, he decides to commit suicide, but instead he is transported to another world along with all his classmates. When they arrive, they find that they now possess amazing abilities, but he was only granted the status of a "healer," the weakest skill of all. The king decides to get rid of him by transporting him to another far away place, but not before Hidako swears revenge against the king, the kingdom, and all of his classmates.
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Opened The 4.73

Opened The "different World Nursery School" ~The Strongest Loli Spirits Are Deredere By Paternity Skill~

Chapter 7: Gokai (Misunderstanding)

47,068 Sep 08,2020 - 09:07 AM Tomobashi Kametsu, Nokko

Oliver, an adventurer almost in his 40's received a certain mission in regard of his earnest personality. That mission is to bind a contact with fellow deredere little in spirits who have great power or something like that!?Thus, the fellow spirits gathered and the new life of Oliver as school principal begins--!!- Summary from Gardo Comics
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When I Woke Up, Twenty Years Passed! ~The Villainous Daughter’S Afterlife~ 4.71

When I Woke Up, Twenty Years Passed! ~The Villainous Daughter’S Afterlife~

Chapter 8

1,760,596 Sep 04,2020 - 15:01 PM Akihito Ono, Konoe Tohno

Fiolia is the daughter of a duke, thoughtful of her people and active in her fiefdom.
One day, she is poisoned by the heroine of an otome game and falls into a coma. When she wakes up, she regains the memories of a previous life... but finds out twenty years have passed?!
Fiolia learns of the scheming that the game heroine, Anne Rose, has been up to and that has been damaging the country. In order to return the favor to Anne Rose and save the people, she must act!
“Just you wait Anne Rose. You’ll pay for what you did!”
The refreshing revenge fantasy of a handsome lady who is always outside the norm!!
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I Am Troubled That My Fiance Is A Villain 4.73

I Am Troubled That My Fiance Is A Villain

Vol.2 Chapter 11: Confrontation Part 1

1,714,935 Sep 03,2020 - 22:49 PM Mitsuno Hachi, Sancha

Lizia is reincarnated into an otome game world as a mob character.

She decides to live with two lives worth of filial piety, however, she has been betrothed to Bernhardt, the last villain in the prince' Route. This is the struggle of Lizia as she tries for a peaceful life.
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Miss Not-So Sidekick 4.81

Miss Not-So Sidekick

Chapter 114

7,810,190 Sep 02,2020 - 16:19 PM Ellianyang

Hyejung loved to read to escape her daily stress. But that’s before she woke up inside the bizarre world of her favorite novel! Instead of the main heroine who courts three eligible men, she is now Latte Ectrie – a minor villain that everyone hates?! One way or another, it’s a chance to live out her most beloved storyline, with popcorn in hand to watch all the drama! Taking charge of the narrative takes on a whole new meaning
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I Was Caught Up In A Hero Summoning, But That World Is At Peace 4.65

I Was Caught Up In A Hero Summoning, But That World Is At Peace

Chapter 3

548,255 Sep 02,2020 - 01:52 AM Toudai, Jirou Heian

Suddenly appearing in a different world, it looks like I got caught up in a Hero Summoning. And of course, I’m not the Hero, but it’s another guy……and while being very cautious and scared of the cliche of the cliche-like development, I was thrown into the maelstrom of war……or not.

The Demon Lord? It was defeated a thousand years ago. Hero? He’s just the main actor in a festival. Nobles? They’re kindly taking care of us. The Demon Race? They have good relationships with Humans. Wars? It’s already 800 years since the last one. Monsters? The Guild and Order of Knight are taking care of them. Return to Earth? It is eventually No-Risk.

What I’m planning after being caught up into this? I’m gonna enjoy the life in a different world as much as I want to, go on a cultural exchange and sightseeing, and after experiencing the festival that is only held once every ten years… I shall go home safely.

The other world was at Peace.

A kind world where the three races, the Spirit World’s Magical Races, the Celestial World’s Divine Races, the Human World’s Human Races, they are kind neighbors to each other, with everyone living a peaceful and fulfilling life.

But although I wished to peacefully spend a year before my return, for some reason, the heavyweights of this world keeps gathering around me, and…
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The Favored Concubine 4.18

The Favored Concubine

Chapter 109

2,084,933 Sep 01,2020 - 22:47 PM Sanfu Interactive Entertainment

A girl who has lost her memories, Ah Kong, falls into a cold pond in the forbidden area of the Yan Sect. The first time she meets Yan Mo, he almost kills her. A mythical beast that's been in slumber for the last millennium suddenly awakens, the True Demon's Eye is opened, and a series of strange events follow -- all seemingly brought on by the arrival of Ah Kong, this mortal girl.
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