Summer Breeze 4.27

Summer Breeze

Chapter 1

2,845 Sep 30,2020 - 19:17 PM Han Kyoung Charl

In an unfamiliar place I met a boy with a not so unfamiliar gaze. After the summer breeze passes, we will be… Han Gyung Chal’s new summer special!
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Gunjou Ni Siren 4.59

Gunjou Ni Siren

Vol.3 Chapter 12

223,714 Sep 29,2019 - 21:00 PM Momokuri Mikan

Two guys: cousins, both left-handed, both passionate about becoming their school team's best pitcher. One of them has already lost the spot once, back in elementary school; and his cousin moved away not long after, seemingly clueless to the fact that he was leaving the guy who introduced him to baseball dispirited and defeated. But now Yoshizawa Sora is back, still smiling innocently while encouraging Yoshizawa Shuuji to get back into the game. Shuuji accepts, determined to defeat the guy who, in his eyes, took away the only thing that mattered to him.
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Otona-Najimi 4.8


Vol.2 Chapter 5: Episode 5

159,427 Sep 28,2020 - 04:38 AM Aya Nakahara

For 24 years, there was nothing about love for these childhood friends, but something changes—?! Now they’re adults, the love-comedy that filled with heart-wringing things starts—!
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Neko No Te Demo Yoroshikereba 4.78

Neko No Te Demo Yoroshikereba

Chapter 7 [End]

103,719 Sep 27,2020 - 22:16 PM Ichika Hana, Utako Yumori

When a girl was taken to another world, for some reason she transformed into a half-cat beastman! Through a chance encounter, Cha found a new purpose in her isekai life - fighting youmas alongside her new comrades.
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Shuuden Na Kankei 4.6

Shuuden Na Kankei

Chapter 6: Don't Mind Me, Do As You Please [End]

71,702 Sep 27,2020 - 19:17 PM Oota Yoshio

Hibari is a young professional who works long hours and inevitably rides the last train home. It's not all bad. She also runs into the train station worker, Yokose. Yokose is kind and polite and is always looking out for Hibari as she often sleeps defenselessly (and with a bit of drool) on her way home. Their brief encounters are a bright spot in her hectic days.
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Solitary Girl 4.67

Solitary Girl

Chapter 2

39,209 Sep 27,2019 - 11:32 AM 名物观世正宗刀×夫人

The personal safety measures of a girl traveling alone.

After she is betrayed in a deal gone awry, Weiyi hits the road in order to find a place where she can live peacefully.
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Yume Maboroshi No Gotoku 4.22

Yume Maboroshi No Gotoku

Chapter 60: The Monkey S Cunning

431,297 Sep 27,2018 - 21:51 PM Motomiya Hiroshi

Yume Maboroshi no Gotoku summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Yume Maboroshi no Gotoku. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Marmalade Boy Little 4.74

Marmalade Boy Little

Vol.4 Chapter 20

197,718 Sep 26,2020 - 03:05 AM Yoshizumi Wataru

Set 13 years after the original series, the story focuses on Miki and Yuu's little siblings.
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Mr. Fu's Favorite 2.06

Mr. Fu's Favorite

Chapter 63: [End]

894,925 Sep 25,2019 - 17:49 PM Qire

Shen Wei Lan died for deeply loving Fu Su Mian in her last life. Now she born again and swore that she would stay far away from him! But why?! She racks her brains to stay far away from him, but he who hates her in the last life becomes strongly possessive! He claims arbitrarily, “You are mine forever! You have no where to go!”
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Boku No Orion 4.43

Boku No Orion

Vol.4 Chapter 16

573,336 Sep 24,2020 - 00:33 AM Kawabata Shiki

During a rainy day, Samon stopped at a flower shop to take shelter from the storm. There he met Koito, the girl from that store that goes a year behind him at school. After that, when he finds himself involved in the love affairs of his classmates and finds himself alone in his class, Samon projects his fury on Koito saying "What amuses you so much so that you are always smiling?", And ends up hating himself. That made Samon anxious, and on graduation day, for some reason, Koito gives him a diary. Actually, Koito admired Samon. In that newspaper he said "Life during middle school was fun because you were there ...". Despite hating himself, Samon likes the things written about him in Koito's diary. Time passes and, upon entering the second year of high school, he reunites with Koito, who entered that school following him ...
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Gone 4.93


Chapter 8 [End]

119,617 Sep 24,2018 - 12:33 PM La La Sisters

Spore virus has been affecting millions of people. This is a short 8-episode story of two different people whose close companions are infected by the spore virus.
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Akachan Ryuu No Osewagakari Ni Ninmei Saremashita 4.66

Akachan Ryuu No Osewagakari Ni Ninmei Saremashita

Vol.2 Chapter 14

1,679,126 Sep 23,2020 - 15:29 PM Kusano Setsuri

The dog trainer Yui was summoned into another world as a "Guiding Hand" to raise a baby dragon. The dragon is a "Holy Dragon", who have protected the humans from the invading demons for many generations!
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The Phantom Of The Opera 3.67

The Phantom Of The Opera

Vol.1 Chapter 1

28,005 Sep 23,2019 - 09:27 AM Jet

Based on Gaston Leroux's "The Phantom of the Opera."
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And (Okazaki Mari) 4.71

And (Okazaki Mari)

Chapter 24

374,205 Sep 23,2018 - 14:12 PM Okazaki Mari

Aoki Kaoru is a 26-year-old woman who has never had a boyfriend. Normally unattached and unmotivated in her own life, Kaoru decides to start up a nail salon as a side business in addition to her regular job as a medical dispatcher. Although having a severe aversion to physical touch, she is forced to confront that fear when she meets a man who can´t help but touch others.
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Futago 4.9


Chapter 24

197,498 Sep 23,2018 - 14:12 PM Iketani Rikako

From Stiletto Heels:Yukari was enjoying her single life when her elder twin sister, Ayaka, suddenly pays her a visit to ask her for some strange advice, and brings along a guy she met in Hong Kong with her! This is a story about a set of mismatched twins.
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3Am Terrible Zone 4.83

3Am Terrible Zone

Chapter 2

70,255 Sep 23,2018 - 12:49 PM Nemu Youko

Tamako doesn't have any confidence, sex appeal, or romantic experiences. Caught off-guard while job-hunting, she is hired to work for an office full of suspicious people who specialize in designing for pachinko parlors. Thus, her days of agony begin to unfold.
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