Looking For A Father 4.74

Looking For A Father

Chapter 51.5

994,681 Feb 19,2016 - 02:17 AM Dong Bi

Hyun-Su Jung (29) was scammed by Jung-Mi Kim and is now in debt of 900,000$. He is being chased by loan sharks and ended up kidnapping Jung-Mi Kim's daughter, Ha-Yeon Lee (17). But when Hyun-Su Jung calls to ask for a ransom, Jung-Mi Kim tells him she doesn't care about what happens to her daughter and hangs up. What will happen to the kidnapper and his victim?
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Shinrigaku De Isekai Harem Kenkokuki 4.62

Shinrigaku De Isekai Harem Kenkokuki

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Meeting With An Elf I

994,080 Jan 12,2020 - 12:05 PM Yuukyu

Shinta Nanba es un estudiante de tercero de secundaria poco comun debido a una extraña enfermedad psicosomatica que le otorga un "inusual deseo por las mujeres", esto no seria un gran problema sin embargo tiene un segundo sintoma que le hace no poder tolerar acercarse a las mujeres. Para poder remediar sus sintomas un doctor le ofrece enviar su conciencia a un mundo paralelo donde podra interactuar con chicas no del todo humanas y acompañado de solo un libro de psicologia afrontar su enfermedad.
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Mizuiro Splash 4.9

Mizuiro Splash

Vol.1 Chapter 3B : The Spring School Festival's Swimwear Competition (Part 2)

99,995 Jun 25,2018 - 12:08 PM Maisaka Kou

Mizuiro Splash summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Mizuiro Splash. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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I Am A God Of Medicine 3.74

I Am A God Of Medicine

Chapter 10

99,863 Sep 02,2020 - 10:50 AM Windy Animation

I Am A God Of Medicine summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of I Am A God Of Medicine. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Spy Room 4.41

Spy Room

Chapter 6: Seduction

99,553 Jan 12,2021 - 00:32 AM Takemachi, Seu Kaname

A world where wars are fought with spies. With a mission success rate of 100%, the remarkable, yet rather difficult to deal with, spy Klaus is being tasked with an almost impossible mission by the agency, harboring an insane 90% chance of failure and death…which for some reason involves eight inexperienced girls?!
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Sakura Tsuushin 3.93

Sakura Tsuushin

Vol.15 Chapter 163 : Vol 15

988,127 Mar 26,2018 - 15:52 PM U-Jin

A Keio College (top notch Tokyo college) exam candidate, Touma Inaba, is interupted when a cute young girl, Urara Kasuga, arrives at his hotel room door. She later turns out to be his cousin who he barely remembers from his childhood. Urara, who had felt something special for him (an other-than-cousinly-love), invites Touma to live with her since he has no place to stay other than the hotel room. Before taking the test, Touma meets Meiko Yotsuba, a beautiful, sophisticated woman also trying to get into Keio. Meiko gets into Keio but Touma does not, due to a cold Urara had given him shortly before. Although he did not make it, he pretends he does to earn the respect of Meiko. Touma is caught up in a love triangle with Urara and Meiko, while struggling to keep Meiko believing he's really a Keio student and still be there for Urara at the same time.
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Dakedo Happy Paradise 5.0

Dakedo Happy Paradise

Vol.2 Chapter 8.5 : My Sugar Baby

98,776 Jan 20,2016 - 19:37 PM Takarada Iyo

Our heroine, Ruu MACHIDA, is having a hard time. Her mother died when she was little, and her father, with whom she had been living, has disappeared without a trace after getting into debt. Ruu is on her own.To make ends meet, she takes a job as a live-in maid for a very wealthy household. To Ruu's surprise, the house she ends up working at is the home of three cute brothers, and she already knows one of them! They agree to let Ruu work there because they are often alone and they could use the help. Their parents are often away on business. Ruu moves in and works hard as a maid, and they all become very close. But things aren't always smooth sailing. Ruu has a lot of pressure on her because of her father's debts, and three very cute guys to deal with!
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Koaka Head 4.2

Koaka Head

Vol.1 Chapter 5

98,398 Jan 20,2016 - 14:33 PM Goshiki Suzu

Itou Takeru was highly unpopular in middle school, but one girl, Watase Nagisa, always treated him with cheerful kindness. Over time, he fell in love with Nagisa, though he never told her. He followed her to the same high school after graduation, determined that he would eventually confess his feelings for her. However, he didn't look at the chosen school too carefully, and he ended up in a special arts class with Nagisa and many other girls. He and his friend Yuto are the only boys in the class, but it isn't the paradise one might expect. Some of the girls are friendly, but some seem determined to make his life a living hell. Will Takeru be able to handle his new high school life, and will he ever tell Nagisa how he feels about her?
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Imori 201 4.6

Imori 201

Vol.5 Chapter 38: Forever Be A High School Girl [End]

976,813 Sep 22,2019 - 17:26 PM Imai Yuu

From Fairgame: In both middle school and high school, Kawashima hadn't had any luck with girls, but this is a day that a miracle encounter came to him! Apartment where he moved, there were a high school girl living in his neighbor and in addition to that, she is living alone! In a situation that any man will admire, Kawashima's tension is hyped up. However, there was also a odd part to it, like she likes to drink beer. What is her identity? It's a little bit ecchi JK comedy!
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Saijaku Muhai No Shinsou Kiryuu 4.76

Saijaku Muhai No Shinsou Kiryuu

Chapter 22

975,071 Jul 21,2018 - 20:38 PM Akatsuki Senri

Story Synopsis taken from Volume 1 cover:Lux, who was a prince from the Empire that was destroyed five years ago due to the revolt, met with the princess of the new Kingdom, Lizsharte, by accidentally breaking into the bathroom of the girlâ€â„¢s dormitory."......How long are you planning to stare at my body, you fooooool!"The ancient weapons found from the ruins, the Drag-Ride. Lux who was called the strongest Drag-Knight in the past was now known as the "Weakest Undefeated", a Drag-Knight who doesn't attack at all. After the duel that started by the challenge from Lizsharte, Lux ended up entering the girls' school that raised Drag-Knights......!Lux's story where he is surrounded by the noble girls from the academy is about to unfold.The "ultimate" academy fantasy battle where the right and the might cross passes now begins!
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Deadline Summonnr 4.58

Deadline Summonnr

Chapter 1

97,992 Jul 27,2016 - 07:13 AM Okayado

Average, everyday Japanese gameaholic gets sucked into an alternate world where he has summoner powers and life keeps turning out to be like one big video game.
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Princess Nightmare 4.33

Princess Nightmare

Vol.2 Chapter 7

97,189 Jan 21,2016 - 10:58 AM Karin Entertainment

From WasuretaiFor her birthday present, she wishes she could be an ordinary girl. She commutes to Rose Academy in Usuyami Town. She is Little, a beautiful 114 year old vampire. Her brother Radou watches her, there's a werewolf servant Inukai, and the magical boy Shinji. The ghost that threatens Little's school life has appeared.
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The Regent King Is Too Ferocious 4.58

The Regent King Is Too Ferocious

Chapter 102

967,400 May 03,2021 - 13:59 PM 风与自然

I died of a young age in my previous life, but unknowingly I went back in time to the past where dynasties still existed. However, this was not even a blessing. The me from that life died, killed by her own husband, the emperor. And now, I am reborn into a little girl, who is the sister of the emperor?!
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Yume De Aetara 4.56

Yume De Aetara

Chapter 143 : Bonquet For A Beautiful You

967,042 Jan 20,2016 - 12:27 PM Hanako, Yamahana Noriyuki

Fuguno Masuo is a hapless 24 year-old businessman who is unlucky in love, He's never even had a girlfriend! After consulting a fortune teller, Masuo believes he'll never have a chance in love. All that changes when he meets the beautiful Nagisa Shiozaki at a marriage interview pub, who herself has had the same poor luck with guys. Now he'll do anything to woo the girl, but he'll have to fend off other suitors and the affections of a co-worker, all while keeping himself out of awkward situations that always end badly for him. Originally penned by YAMAHANA Noriyuki under the pen name HANAKO.
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Ikinari Osananajimi 4.56

Ikinari Osananajimi

Chapter 3 : The Third Childhood Friend

96,983 Jan 21,2016 - 12:22 PM Shinama

Hiroki's passed his high school entrance exams, and now he's looking forward to a peaceful, lazy spring vacation before the entrance ceremony. All of that is ruined on the morning he's woken up by Hinata, a stranger who claims to be his childhood friend. The truth is, Hinata is a "tsundere childhood friend" android made for him by his mad scientist neighbors in celebration for him passing his exam! With all the complications his new "childhood friend" is going to cause in his life, what will happen to the peaceful vacation Hiroki had hoped for?The oneshot was serialized on August 3, 2010.
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Amaenaideyo!! 5.0


Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Power Of The Saizen Elder

96,971 Jan 20,2016 - 07:36 AM Sogabe Toshinori, Bohemian-K

The protagonist of the series is the lecherous Satonaka Ikkou, who transforms into a super-monk (being able to perform mass exorcisms) by his lust for the girls he live with. He lives in the Saien Temple as a Buddhist priest in training with six other nuns: Amanogawa Haruka, Ikuina Sumi, sisters Sugai Sakura & Hinata, Nambu Chitose and Atouda Yuuko, each of whom represents one of the bosatsu of the six lower realms of the traditional Buddhist cosmology. Chitose is the other main character and has a strange relationship with Ikkou; he seems to be in all the wrong places at all the wrong times, but they really care for each other in all actuality. A side effect of Ikkou using his ultimate power is that immediately afterwards he turns into an even bigger pervert that he normally is. The series is about Ikkou's self-destructive power and his attempts to control his own super-sensual sphere/powers.
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